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Travel update!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I went travelling around Asia from April – August 2022 but still kept up with my fitness!

My first stop was Cambodia. There weren’t many gyms out there as it was a poor country but I did manage to find one in a place called Siem Reap. I attended a full body workout class which ended up being similar to a HIIT class. Another place I went to in Cambodia was called Sihanoukville. I stayed at a lovely lodge where there were hand made cement weights. I tried to fit in as many workouts as we could before heading onto the next stop. The last place I stopped off was called Mondulkiri, I signed up to a tour called the Elephant Project that also included a 20km hike through the jungle. This was absolutely incredible, I met lots of people and got to swim with the elephants in the river and throughout the hike we stopped off at waterfalls and did lots more swimming! That weekend was amazing! I definitely hit over 20,000 steps a day.

The next stop was Vietnam, I went to Halong Bay and went kayaking through the waters. That was a sensational moment, it felt like I was in a movie set, the scenary was incredible!

While I was in Vietnam I did a lot of walking around temples, pagodas, emperors tombs, I went scootering up the mountains, visited fairytale land and went to an amazing wine cellar and went wine tasting. I explored the crazy house, had a lovely walk around QUE gardens and went up in a cable car and saw amazing views.

I hit 15,000+ steps everyday and ate amazing food whilst in Vietnam.

The next stop was Malaysia! I found a gym that did Zumba classes. The Zumba class included a lot of body combat elements and was more fitness orientated as opposed to dance. It reflected on the Asian culture as they love marital arts!

It was my birthday out there and I stayed in a lovely hotel in Kuala Lumper with a sky gym and infinity pool where I did lots of workouts and swimming! The next stop was Cameron Highlands, it is notorious for its hikes. I ended up getting so lost and trying to climb down a waterfall, it was quite dangerous. At the end I ended up walking through a beautiful tea plantation and stopped off for tea and cake!

Towards the end of my time in Malaysia, I stayed on a beautiful Island called Tioman Island where I spent hours in the sea snorkelling!

After Malaysia, I travelled down to Singapore!

Singapore was a beautiful but very expensive country! Everything was very central so again did lots of walking and did lots of shopping!

I did a resistance band workout with a beautiful view! I think this is where I hit the most steps due to the main shopping centre being so big! It was so big it had a river running through it!

The next country I travelled to was Indonesia!

I went to so many beautiful beaches here. I travelled to an island called Gili Trawangan where I learnt to dive, that was incredible! I swam so much whilst I was here, I did lots more snorkelling, swam with manta rays, sea turtles and even saw baby sharks!

When I was over in Bali I signed up to a tour and hiked a volcano called mount Batur. I got up at 4am so I would make it up to the top in time to see the sunrise. This was surreal!

I then flew over to the Philippines.

Of course, I went swimming again but this time I went swimming with whale sharks, the biggest specie of shark!

I also went diving again and did some canyoneering as well - hiking and jumping off huge rocks. I walked through caves, beaches, a tarsier sanctuary and through the chocolate hills. It was such an interesting country to explore!

Lastly, I went to Thailand, I spent most of my time on Phi Phi Island touring around all the different beautiful beaches and spent more time shopping at markets.

The food in Thailand was delicious, my favourite dish was the mussamun curry.

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